Emergency Backup Power
Lighting, Communications & Refrigeration

A simple solar power system makes an ideal home emergency power supply. With a small systems of less than 100 watts you can have lights, fans, charge cell phones and other battery operated devices and even have refrigeration when a power outage occurs. We offer a wide selection of emergency backup power products that can make sure that you are prepared for any disaster that might leave you without power. Cover your power needs in any situation with quiet portable solar powered generators, solar power packs, solar lights and much more. Choose the perfect solar power backup generator which can easily power many item in your house making life a lot better when your main power source isn’t available. You can also find many other solar powered emergency supplies that can help you produce a good amount of power to use when you really need it. Shop our great selection of emergency solar products to get yourself prepared for anything. To find additional solar products, browse our other categories for items like a solar cooking oven and some solar pool covers for pool heating.